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Some Vehicles without Drivers.... (Strange/Irregular Occurence)

  • Hello Everybody,

    I hope I can find some help here, seeing what amazing mods have been created here.
    I'm currently modding my GTA V, mostly traffic (at the moment) I'm not planning on releasing it's mostly for me.
    But I hope that I can still get help!
    The Problem I have is rather strange and complicated so I try my best to explain it.
    I also try to list all the things I tried to fix it..

    Here is what I modded (and believe causes the issue) :
    I try to increase the traffic. This I did rather sucessful with the gameconfig and popcycle.

    And here is the problem :
    In some places (just streets, not whole neighborhoods) Vehicles appear without drivers.
    However not always, just most times.
    For example standing at "Innocence Blvd in Strawberry" Vehicles without Peds in the drive by.
    If I walk a few feet forward and wait a a few seconds, the vehicles appears with peds again.
    Sometimes even stranger (when looking at these empty vehicles) the peds just "pop in" an appear.
    As if the vehicle is spawned, drives a few feet up to me (without peds) and stand at the red light and suddenly a driver appears.
    [I have Fraps on my PC, I could take a short Video of this if needed. However Fraps somewhat kills FPS and it's not as smooth. Also Fraps only smoothly records in HD not 4K (the normal resolution I play in) I hope that is good enough]

    Where does the Problem occur:
    As I wrote above, only in some street. Not whole neighborhood.
    Innocence Blvd (Strawberry)
    Vinewood Blvd (Downtown Vinewood)
    Panorama Drive (Desert near the Freeway Entrance / Route 68)
    Intersection Great Ocean Highway /Route 68

    What I already tried to do to fix it?
    Well, actually quite a few things.. (So If someone replies with a soultion and I answer "already tried" I hope it's not considered rude)
    I tried the Stock Popcycle.dat (instead of my modded one)
    I tried to tweak my Gameconfig Ped Values, with unrealistic High values
    I tried to tweak my Gameconfig Ped Values with unrealstic low (0) Values. (I hoped if I put 0 in some of the values all cars would be without drivers and therefore I would know which value to permanently increase)
    I tried to 0 all ped values for 1 neighborhood in the popcycle, strangly vehicles still had peds just the ones walking around dissapeared..

    I hope someone has a hint at what else I could try.
    I use OpenIV and the mod Folder, so I have access to original files if needed and for reference.
    I really would hate to start from the beginning.
    Since the issue appears even with the stock popcyle.dat I believe that the issue is in the Gameconfig...

    Thanks in advance for any hints and if you need copy of my lines in any of the files, let me know so I can post it.
    I can also provide short Videos (with fraps) of the issue occuring..


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