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How to create GTA 5 Modpacks??

  • Hello guys,

    this is my first post/question here in gta5-mods-com. I have a problem:

    I`ve modded 207 dlc packs in mods folder and when I try to put more dlc packs inside the game crashes. I was looking for a solution and saw that the crash means that the dlc packs limit is reached. In the internet I saw that I have to make modpacks and paste the modpack in dlc folder in the mods folder for getting less dlc packs and paste all mods (150-300pcs.) with one modpack.

    HOW CAN I CREATE SOME MODPACKS?? (Any step by step introduction?)

    Hope you guys can help me.

    Sorry for my bad english, I`m german.


    Best regards,


  • @sxf_88 Don't apologize for your English.
    There's a good tutorial written by @Reyser which will help you.

    Read it carefully l, don't rush through it, otherwise you'll end up in a mess.

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