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key for convertiables

  • I've looked everwhere, in the keyboard config. I have seen convertiables put their tops up when ir rains, but I cannot find the key that does this can you guys help me out? I just love his game and all the great mods. especially the one that shows the bullet hitting the target. I wish there were more weapons that would do the same thing. thank you guys for all that you have done with gta v. thief

  • @thief Press and hold the horn button (or headlight, i don't remember)

  • @thief On a gamepad, it's right on the d-pad.

    You have to hold it (when the car is stopped), for the length of time it takes for the roof to operate.

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks for reminding me that I'm probably the only one here who uses a keyboard for gaming. ;)

    Although the OP did say he looked through keyboard config, so I thought he uses a keyboard as well.

  • @V4D3R i game on a corsair mechanical keyboard :)

  • @thief Hold H when the car is stopped

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