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[Vehicle] Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab

  • those hum3d models are crap, unaccurate and badly made. I had deal with them. I can make proper model and cheaper
    like this one I made https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2001-dodge-ram-1500-club-cab-replace
    email me if interested lazlow555@ukr.net

  • @lazlow555 I keep seeing you slagging those models off but I have seen nothing yet to show they are badly made. Do you have an example of one that has been converted into a mod, that shows us the problems you accuse them of having?

    And just to put things into perspective here... I'm the person who had to try and take pictures of that Dodge Ram you made. So I saw it up close... very close and I know what a proper model should look like.

  • @LeeC2202 so what did you see close, polygons? lol
    if this is good model for you we have nothing to talk about
    or look at this and compare to my multipla and photos of the car. most of models on that site are horrible, completely wrong proportions.

  • @lazlow555 said in [Vehicle] Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab:

    so what did you see close, polygons? lol

    Would you like me to post the pictures that didn't get shown on the mod page? The ones that are close up? What's on that mod page is only 18 of the 740+ shots I did take.

    I can't see your Multipla on the site.. so I am comparing a set of renders with an invisible model. In fact, I can't see anything in your main site profile... nothing at all to look at, or compare against.

  • @LeeC2202 so find it, there is more than one gta site on internet

  • @IAmGtaBoy dude that would be awesome to see a ram that year and trim in GTA

  • @lazlow555 I did find it... thanks for the motivation... and here's the comparison.

    alt text

    I couldn't get them all at the exact same angle, so this is the best I could come up with. I manually darkened the sills on the bottom of yours because the lack of a dark edge was throwing the balance off unnaturally.

    I like to try and make a fair, objective comparison where I can. I don't think either model is a shining example of accuracy quite honestly, they both have positives and negatives.

    The difference is, the artist who made the Hum3D model isn't here to defend themselves against the accusations of them creating "horrible, completely wrong proportioned" models. That artist has as much right to earn money as any other and they shouldn't have to do that against unproven accusations over the quality and accuracy of their work.

    If you can unquestionably prove their sub-standard quality, then by all means do so... but don't expect other artists to just sit back and watch people like them, get slagged off with no defence if you can't... that's not how artists are.

    And let's put it this way, you don't get featured in 3D Artist and on CG Society with crap quality, that's for sure. Those are places you find things like this...

    .. and that's the last I have to say on the matter.


  • @LeeC2202 maybe you are blind person, in this case I'm sorry

  • @lazlow555 You know, you could be right... let me just post some pictures to check if other people can't see what I saw.

    It probably hasn't gone unnoticed in this thread by the way, that whilst I have posted rational, justified and objective comments and left examples of your work out of sight, you've insulted the Hum3D artist and their work, made a sarcastic comment at me and then insulted me by saying I am possibly blind.

    But that's okay... I am a rational and tolerant person and am happy to meet adversity head on, with hard evidence. I think it's only fair that we both get to justify our comments. You've linked to another artist's work and derided them... I'm just going to post the links and say nothing.

    I'm certainly not going to respond in kind and prevent the OP from being able to make an objective assessment of the situation, by causing it to become a thread that breaks the rules.

    Just give me a while... it is late here and I am tired, so bear with me for just a little longer.

  • the hum3d model from the comparison pic does look like it has bigger windows and slightly longer hood. It does look out of proportion some.

  • @Willief23 you are right about windows, also headlights shape, roofholders, or how to call them, looks bent, horrible, looks like made by vietnamease children

  • @LeeC2202 i'm not gonna keep argueing with you, clearly you have a lot of free time writing big posts and know nothing about 3dmodeling, i don't, i have models to be done

  • If someone even converts this and just puts a default dashboard in that would be fine.

  • @lazlow555 said in [Vehicle] Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab:

    you, clearly you have a lot of free time writing big posts and know nothing about 3dmodeling

    :rofl: :face_palm:

    14 years ago, I was doing low poly commercial 3D work on PS1, N64 and PC projects. In 1991 (that's 26 years ago), I was doing 3D work for Microprose Software, before textures were even in use.

    You my friend, don't even come close to playing the "you know nothing" card. I know about proper 3D Modelling, not polygon butchery and texture stretching.

    All of this is from 2003 or earlier, when cars were 1200 polygons and textures were 128x64. The bikes were partial 3D builds for 2D rendering (Including rider animation).

    alt text

    Anyway... I'm done here.

    I can't compete with this...

    alt text

    If you're going to take cheap shots at people, then you'd better be prepared to take one on the chin in return... and yes, this is 1.4 [FINAL]

  • @LeeC2202 omg! you found a hole i missed to cover, its complete disaster, and lowres textures, model is ruined lol.
    btw, your models just rediculous, entry level of modeling, you should be shamed brag about it.

  • @lazlow555 14 years ago. You probably haven't got that much life experience. @LeeC2202 is right in all aspects and you just don't want to loose this discussion. Your models aren't that good, that you can say they're better than Hum3D models or similar. Also I never saw someone who finds Hum3D models so bad like you do.

  • @lazlow555 @LeeC2202 @Kwebbl I enjoy both models, I think both of you did well on them. Please no fighting in my thread, resolve it guys.

  • @lazlow555 The only thing off is the radio and the engine but those can be easily replaced.

  • @lazlow555 I think @LeeC2202 just quit on gtamods... so I hope you feel better that you "won" your flame war with each other....

  • @TheLoneWolf293 I just noticed @LeeC2202 is no longer a moderator.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 I didn't know he was, I thought he was but when I checked a while back, he wasn't.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 He was a moderator... yesterday.

  • @lazlow555 Man, did you know who is @LeeC2202 and his work? He worked in videogames and 3D modelling when to do a simple smoothed curved surface was a real challenge without actual pro tools or automated process, his work is outstanding. There, the 3D artists needed to program their own 3D tools and this Senior (yeah he is a game developer Senior level) just is here to help us and offering his knowledge, that deserves respect and our appreciation to other points of view for our work as modders.

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