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MVGA car dial too bright

  • Hey guys my addon car's dial is way too bright to see anything on it when using make visuals great again mod, anyone knows what data I should change to fix this?

  • @justin_swift bloom power on visualsettings.dat will help reduce the brightness but only slightly i think i did between 0.2 and 0.25 less on bloom power. But you will most likely have to do what i did and go inside the texture files of the car aka the ytd file. So for example you have an addon car called c7. you would look for the c7.ytd file and scroll through the list of the texture files and look for the textures usually called dials, gauges, interior. Extract the textures to a folder. Use a free program called gimp2 which is almost like a light version of photoshop. Open up the dds texture file and go to colors at the top menu then select brightness and contrast. Usually I try values between +3 up to +7 on contrast and values between -100 to -127 on brightness hit ok after changing values. Now hit File menu then export as. Save the texture as dds make sure the name at the top has .dds at the end, hit export and another box comes up so select for compression dxt5 and then generate mipmaps. I suggest naming the new texture something like v2 etc. You can also color dials/gauges with colorize under the color menu. I always suggest reducing down brightness by at least 50 and increasing contrast by +2-3 then do colorize after on dials/gauges or interior pieces.

  • @justin_swift on alot of addon cars i have to reduce down the brightness on dials and on the letters around the radio and on the steering wheel. some cars you will find have orange or pinkish colored tail lights so you will have to find the correct texture for the tail lights sometimes it 2 or 3 different texture files. If i colorize it to 360 100 0 this will make the tail lights more red, sometimes i have to do 360 100 -15 under colorize to make the tail lights a darker red to offset a pink colored tail light. I also experiment and change interior pieces to either red, blue or black on cars with colorize option. There is also an option under color menu called hue-saturation you can single out a certain color say red or blue and just change that color instead of changing all the colors on a texture.

  • @Willief23 Hey man thank you very much for replying me! But I think it's not a problem of the cars themselves, because I'm actually using both redux and mvga, I often switch between them. When I use redux, the cars won't have this problem, so I think it's only the problem of visualsettings.dat of mvga, so what data within it I should change to fix this?

  • @justin_swift like i said search for // Bloom and change the values under that section. try lowering it down by -0.1 to -0.25

    maybe try lowering down these values car.extralight.day.emissive.on

    cant remember if those deal with dials or not you will have to test it out and found out. But for me i like having bright lights overall so i just have to manually reduce down dials on about half my addon cars. small price to pay for bright lights brighter cop lights etc.

  • @Willief23 I tried to lower any data that was related to "carinteriorlight" to 0, but the dials are still too bright lol.......besides not all the cars' dial are too bright, just some of them. Anyway thank you very much man

  • @justin_swift on interiorlights try -100 value on intensity just to see of that goes any less bright then just 0. Also name like 30+ cars that have bright dials and i will see if i have a texture done already with less brightness. I have tons of cars that i downloaded that needed to have the brightness cut in half using gimp2 program.

  • @Willief23 I just tried -100 but it's still too bright...... The names of the cars whose dials are too bright: Lykan hypersport, Lamborgini lp610 huracan, porsche 911 cabriot, ford mustang wide body kit, Lamborgini Aventador

  • @Willief23 I mean there's no any difference between 0 and -100

  • @justin_swift ya i didnt think there would be but it was worth a shot. The mustang and lambo i have textures for. I will send them when i get off work in 4.5hrs. Post me the links to the other cars and i will do the dials on them. Also you want blue, red or green dials on any of them or just brightness reduced?

  • @Willief23 Isn't it too much trouble for you? I think you can just send me the dials of the cars that you already have, I can try to deal with the others with gimp2:)

  • @justin_swift i do dials almost everyday cause i add cars to my own car pack every other day. I takes me like 2 mins to do a dial if that.

  • @justin_swift i did the porsche and the lykan. I also made a video of me going through and reducing down the bright or changing colors. Reducing down the size of the texture which i only do if the texture is put into vanilla game vehshare files to help with fps or textures flickering on and off etc. Now you can edit away on all your addon cars like i do lol.

  • @Willief23 Got your email! I'm more than appreciated! Thank you so much man!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Its a problem I started getting when i installed RadianceV. @Willief23 reducing brightness/contrast on interior dials will do nothing if the material doesnt use a emissive shader. Its a problem with the "needle", or the actual dials since it uses a emissive shader. I fixed this problem by installing the visualsettings.dat that comes with VisualV.

  • @AHK1221 actually every single dial that has been too bright I have successfully reduced down with the method of modifying the textures with reduced brightness and contrast. This has worked for me 100% on all textures I have modified and I have modified 50% or more of the addon cars between my 220+ cars in my 2 addon packs that i created from cars downloaded on here.

    So if dials dont light up at all then its missing the emissive shader? I have a couple addon cars that the dials work but just dont light up for crap.

  • @Willief23 said in MVGA car dial too bright:

    So if dials dont light up at all then its missing the emissive shader?

    Not really "missing", if the mod creator doesn't want the cars dials to light up, then why do it. There is a "dashglow" dummy you can position near the dials and there will be sort of a light that illuminates the dial area, not making the textures themselves brighter.

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