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Bug with Add on Wheels & GTA5 Wheels, Upgrades, Help!!

  • I recently installed this Lore Friendly Wheels mod, which adds on many existing GTA5 Cars' wheels to use on any vehicle. But for some reason, every other wheel just reverts back to stock. For example, Wheel 30 will be that add on wheel, then wheel 31 will just be stock wheels, or they flash from the add on wheel to stock and stay stock. Wheel 32 will be the add on wheel, but wheel 33 is stock or flashes, etc etc. This also happens with existing GTA wheels- so the first GTA5 SUV rim will be that custom rim, then the next will just be stock!
    I also just literally found out the same thing happens to tuning parts, so i'm guessing it can't stem from the add on wheels. I had to edit this post as I just found out..
    Someone please help!?

  • @ethannn_ ahh wheels sorry I have no experience with cars or wheels or rims

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh lol np, i guess i'm just gunna reinstall the add on wheels and if that doesnt work reintsall game uhhhh lol

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