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anybody else games look this shite with high textures

  • http://imgur.com/gallery/gQI9z why is my game like this with everything high it so blurry at times and abit away from the anything in the distance you cant really tell what it is

  • That could be haze from a weather change. Low res textures in the distance (even though you maxed out the distance view) indicate your graphics RAM is insufficient for the current settings. The memory management of the game turns down the quality in order to prevent a crash. Have you overridden the memory boundary restrictions in the settings? Do you have some high res textured mods in your game?

  • i dunno i stiil have plenty of video memory left so i dont know

  • So do you always see this haze or just at certain weather conditions?

  • @jordy1690 Seems like VisualV's smoggy weather.
    Change the weather to sunny or extra sunny and see if the problem persists.

  • fisrt time gwtting to check this but im still not sure what it could be

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