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[Vehicle] 2014 Grand Cherokee (HQ, Big Project)

  • I have no clue how to handle this. I'm gonna straight out say that. So I've decided to request the help of the community here.

    I'm looking for an accurate version of the 2014 Grand Cherokee. I would like for the interior color to be via secondary color, exterior to be via primary color. I'd like it if it would be able to be taken into Benni's to get converted to a SRT Grand Cherokee, with the black grille surround larger breaks, the SRT forged wheels, with the 6.4 Hemi, and accurate sounds. The sounds don't have to be from the real GC SRT, but that would be rather neat. The addition of a panoramic sunroof as an option would be beyond awesome.

    I'd like to see this project done because then the GTA community would have a comprehensive, high quality model of the GC, with the ability to make it a GC SRT. Of course, it would be awesome for it to be 4x4. With tunability and the ability to change the appearance with normal LS customs and Benni's.

    Note: To whoever would be willing to tackle such a project, it would a lot of work, with a lot of custom features, and full functionality, with damage and the whole nine yards.

  • @iraben if you want to be even considered for a car request you need to at least provide some high quality pics of the car. Its better if you can provide a link for a 3d model of the car otherwise your request will be ignored.

  • @Willief23
    Alright, I can get pictures of the vehicle. I can also try to find a detailed 3D model.

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