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Make modded accounts

  • How to make a modded accounts

  • You are not allowed to have mods in GTAO. Can an admin please lock this thread?

  • @Ronholman92 @TheLoneWolf293 is right. We don't do modded online accounts... if that's what you're asking. A hint of advice: A little more detail would be nice in your forum post since we have no idea what you want. For all I know you're asking how to install offline mods, in which case I'd refer you to the tutorials section.


    @Ronholman92 said in Make modded accounts:

    How to make a modded accounts

    Locked due to community guillidline violation.

    @rappo said in GTA5-Mods.com community guidelines:

    Posting any of the following on the forums or in direct messages may result in your post being removed and in case of serious or repeat offenses, your forums and main website accounts being banned:

    • Offensive comments directed at other users
    • Offensive images, including any nudity
    • Discussions about malware or pirated content
    • Download links to original GTA V game files (including pirated content or subsets of files)
    • Discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating
    • Discussions about console modding
    • Derailing/hijacking threads by other users with questions/posts on a topic unrelated to the main post

    If you have any doubts about the guidelines or need clarification, please send me a direct message.

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