Appreciate the response, I ended up really spending the last 6 hours meticulously going through the files and discovered that around 120 of the model files were outdated and weren't labeled appropriately in comparison to today's standards for the EUP. Unfortunately, this means that we'll have to go through each model (the ones we're trying to add) and compare them to what our server has, make sure they are the same model and if not, find the right model, and rename the .ytd files so they are attached to the right model in our files. I'm not sure I want to do all that though to be honest, that seems ridiculously tedious. If it weren't for such a lack thereof of nice Fire/EMS and Medical content for the FivePD/FiveM server, I'd probably just tell people to use their imagination lol. However, we had plans on an open CivRP / FivePD setup, so we kinda really need these uniforms. I did find another package I may opt to try installing just to see if it doesn't overwrite our current eup-ui setup but we'll see. I'm burned out tonight and ready to go shoot bad guys instead lol.