Speaking of "not being able to see the changes," I wish we could get a graphic overhaul mod that tries to emulate the visuals in whatever is the most recently released title on the RAGE engine, as opposed to all these others that try to just go for "realism."

It's always bothered me how IV, RDR, MP3, and now RDR2 look compared to GTA V. Whereas the first four seem to have that progressively approaching "photorealism as technology allows," V went with a different "artstyle." I don't know what to call it, but it's not on the same level as those other games that came from Rockstar. But you all know what I'm talking about. I guess some of these "realism" graphics mods try to fix this, but at the same time they go for "realism" so they drop some of the things that those other games have. Like for example, the "cinematic" bright, visible nights. Instead with all these mods we always get the realistic pitch black nights.

Like why don't we ever get graphics mods for these older games that try to make them look on par with the newest one? Why instead of a graphics mod that makes V's visuals on par with RDR2, we get something that gets close to that, but also skips some things--like making nights pitch black instead of the beautiful nights that RDR2 has?