It's a lot better & easier to check if it's in a codeblock.
Let's be honest , if you can't copy & paste, modding is certainly not for you.

Detailed Codeblock Instructions:

Copy these next three lines below (drag over the three text lines from right bottom to top left (to highlight them, three lines will go dark grey) & then hit 'Ctrl+C') :

Copy these three lines to a blank txt file, overwrite only this line with dlclist data, copy all & post into reply.

Create a '.txt' file on your Desktop (right-click on Desktop > 'New' > 'Text Document') Open the newly created 'New Text Document.txt' file & then paste the three lines into it ('Ctrl+V') Open up 'dlclist.xml' in OpenIV by double-clicking it (opening with double-click means it's uneditable, so you can't do any harm to it) Highlight all ('Ctrl +A') & then copy all ('Ctrl+C') Back to your Desktop 'New Text Document.txt' file Drag over the middle line (from right to left) to highlight it & only it & then hit 'Ctrl+V' Once you've overwritten the middle line, hit 'Ctrl+A' (to highlight all text) & then 'Ctrl+C' (to copy all) Back here in this thread, reply & then hit 'Ctrl+V' (to paste into post) & then '[Submit]' to post it.

Follow those instructions exactly & you can't mess it up