Hope it works
Yeah, a lot of the music/radio player mods seem to have been forgotten about

@CMAC86 said in Custom Radio Stations script error?:

anything below the settings area should be off?

Setting 'Shuffle=false' in 'SelfRadio.ini' should work too, but for some reason I have removed that completely (try both out if you like).
Can only figure the setting was a bit funky, so I removed it completely just to be sure. It certainly works removed fully (like previous post example).

I edited my previous post to include a link to the files I'm using ('SelfRadio.dll', 'SelfRadio.ini', 'NAudio.dll' (v1.7.3.0) & 'NativeUI.dll' (v1.7)), try them out if you like

Even if you don't use my files, be sure to check the files you do have installed & unblock them if they need it (especially, the '.dll's). That'll make sure they are able to function correctly/fully & Windows doesn't put them into lockdown because they came from another computer.

Full Radio Experience:
I've actually extracted a lot of the ads/intros/outros etc from the real radio stations in the game, converted them to '.mp3' & set them up to play inbetween songs for the full radio experience. It's a bit of work, but works really well & you get to choose what plays etc (funniest or most appropriate ads/comments etc. Number the files to control the play order etc).

Be sure to try a wide array of '.mp3's from various sources, just in case Self Radio/NAudio.dll is a bit finicky about what it will play.

Try it out in an empty 'scripts' folder with just the essential Self Radio files there. Just in case another script is conflicting with it etc.

Extra (just so you know. Nothing to do with your issue):
Having any files in:
\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music
has been known to cause lag/slowdown in-game for some, even if you are not using Rockstar's inbuilt Self Radio feature. Make sure that folder is empty.