@dillpickle1 If you have already made something in 3ds and are trying to get it into the game, just follow this one. You'll most likely need to resize and reposition your creation too. The video is kinda long and for me now kind of hard to sit through patiently since I know most of it but still needed a refresher for getting my new mod all working. Not skipping and really paying attention to the stuff he does with the files is important. Once you get the file stuff down, it's just a matter of dragging and dropping the odr (drawable) and obn (collision) into openIV and it converts to ydr and ybn.

Here's an example of the ymap and ytyp of what I'm working on now. See the difference in how a mlo ymap and a ymap you're typically thinking of looks like the mlo ytyp, further down is the positioning stuff in the ytyp. There's nothing else in the ymap.

Here's a pic of where the odr and obn get dragged to.

Pic of where the ymap, ytyp, and manifest go.

** PS. Getting the rooms and portals set up correctly is very important, so watch those videos!! **

And if you still have questions about some things that he doesn't clearly cover, I'm more than willing to share what I've learned on how to get stuff to work.