@dropped04chevy Have you tried it by disabling all other mods? It might be a mod conflict as well. Move your .asi files except OpenIV.asi to a different location, rename mods folder to modsX, scripts to scriptsX (or whatever you like) and only install the interior mod on fresh mods and scripts folder and try again.

If it crashes, try using World of Variety's gameconfig. You can try @InfiniteQuestion 's gameconfig as well. Some mods just don't go along fine with F7YO's gameconfig.

If these don't fix your issue either, like eshenk says it's high probably a mission conflict. Maybe game not allowing you to enter a certain location or refusing to load the interior of the said location before you complete the mission related to that location. It doesn't necessarily has to crash only when you go inside because when you get close to it, game will load the objects, buildings and interior so it can crash when it tries to load interior.