...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\x64\data\metadata\pedpersonality.ymt

Army: <HealthConfigHash>Strong</HealthConfigHash> ... Swat: <HealthConfigHash>Armour</HealthConfigHash>

Unconfirmed, but you can likely create your own entries in 'pedhealth.meta' if required:


<Item> <Name>Military</Name> <!-- New HealthConfig called 'Military' added to 'pedhealth.meta' (use any name you like) --> <DefaultHealth value="200.000000" /> <DefaultArmour value="100.000000" /> <!-- 'Military' now has 100 default Armour like Swat --> <FatiguedHealthThreshold value="120.000000" /> <InjuredHealthThreshold value="100.000000" /> <DyingHealthThreshold value="100.000000" /> <HurtHealthThreshold value="150.000000" /> <DogTakedownThreshold value="150.000000" /> <MeleeCardinalFatalAttackCheck value="false" /> </Item>

& then enter that in the '<HealthConfigHash>' line in pedpersonality.ymt:


<Item> <PersonalityName>ARMY</PersonalityName> <DefaultWeaponLoadout>LOADOUT_ARMY</DefaultWeaponLoadout> <Bravery>ARMY</Bravery> <AgitatedPersonality>Confront</AgitatedPersonality> <Criminality>Law_Abiding</Criminality> <AgitationTriggers>LawEnforcement</AgitationTriggers> <HealthConfigHash>Military</HealthConfigHash> <!-- References 'Military' HealthConfig added to 'pedhealth.meta' previously --> ...

If you just want to edit the default Strong/Weak/Armoured or set soldiers to use 'Swat' HealthConfig etc, you can do so, just edit the values in 'pedhealth.meta' &/or pedpersonality.ymt, but the way I have outlined above should allow you to edit any ped/ped group in the game & create a health/armour profile specific to them.

I renamed the above example/s HealthConfig to 'Military' to avoid confusion with the default ped group 'Army'. General instructions remain the same.