@gini1234 said in Why can i only upload .zp .rar .oiv and .7z files?:

Hello everyone!
I'll be brief, I would like to upload a map mod, but I can only upload .zip, .rar, .oiv, .7z files, but my map is an .xml file, and I know that others can do that too , I also cannot upload folders or readmes.
I hope for answers!
Thanks in advance!

I was going to answer likewise to IreBurn "Them's the rules maybe?"

Seriously, unpacked files take up more space (takes longer to download, for one), and are unruly. Single archives are simply a lot cleaner. Your download folder will thank you for it.

This is actuallly a bit of a non-topic. Like asking 'Why do I need a webbrowser to see this site?' Because, well, that's simply how it works.