No probs, glad it worked .

So yeah, the thing to know/remember is that NativeUI is generally not backwards compatible with scripts/mods made using a previous version. In most cases, you have to install the right one for the right mod etc. You can make a pretty accurate guess at what version that will be by comparing the last updated date of the script/mod to the NativeUI release date on github.

Also, say you have two different scripts/mods that specifically require different versions of NativeUI to function correctly, especially different versions with many revisions inbetween them, like v1.6 & v1.9 for example, you're unlikely to be able to have them both active in-game at the same time. Sometimes it can work, so it's perhaps worth trying, but usually you'll have to swap the 'NativeUI.dll' in your 'scripts' folder, before you load the game, depending on which script/mod you want to use for that play session.

It is technically possible to run two different versions at the same time, but the original script/mod would probably need to take that into account & offer you the ability to rename the specific 'NativeUI.dll' that it uses. Might also be other ways to redirect to a specific 'NativeUI.dll' on a script by script basis, maybe for certain scripts/mods, but you'd have to research that on a case by case basis (& don't hold your breath on that one).