@JohnDeere714 said in Openiv CCP-001-PATH error:

never had a program cause a fit like openiv does.

Even when you re-allocated the AppData space the way you did, you will almost certainly have to reinstall OpenIV.

EDIT: It may be OpenIV has the C drive hard-coded for use in its path. That would be sloppy; but with my method, you can do a 100% transparent relocation. And I think OpenIV will simply use the APPDATA= environment variable, come to think of it.

But when i try to run your command, it says file already exists

Of course it would, if "C:\Users\Tyler\AppData" already exists. The idea is to move your AppData folder to "D:\AppData" first, then delete the old AppData folder, and then run the command to make the Junction.