@Klausi said in Texture Bug after 1h game time:

Everytime after 1h ingame my game looks like this (https://prnt.sc/1qjtjwd). Anyone knows how to fix that?


What you have, the texture losses, is extremely common. You did not mention any information as to what version of the game you are using, if you have mods installed, if your visual settings are set very high, and whether you have the proper gameconfig and associated mods installed.

Texture loss is not fun and can be fixed, but in poorly configured games, potato PCs, or games overloaded with too many mods, the texture loss, almost inevitably followed by a freeze or total crash, can happen in minutes or less. Been there, done that. So 1 hour isn't too bad.

Assuming your game is modded, try a different gameconfig, lower your visual settings, update your video drivers, identify poorly designed or outdated mods, avoid too many mods particularly high polygon ones, if you have the patience consolidate mods into the same dlc.rpf.

Those are just general guidelines. Can't help further without specifics about your setup.

P.s. i think your car says dodge, if so we know it's modded.