@LeinKlein66 OIVs are total crap but they don't impact your game files, only your mod ones. I have trouble imagining why you would need to reinstall GTA5 unless you were screwing around with the vanilla game files - so NO, don't reinstall the game.

What the OIV likely did, depending on the mod and when you installed it, is it replaced your gameconfig.xml.

So, you might need to reinstall a gameconfig.xml mod. But you also need to rule out what I call "bad luck" which is when a single mod is capable of crashing your game, either because it just doesn't play well with your configuration or because it is badly designed/unforgiving, or it just sucks up too many resources for your PC to handle.

Install an updated gameconfig.xml that matches your version of GTA5) and test for stability.

Can't help more than that without more info. Try the topic here Asking for Help