@Willief23 The thing is, the main reason why GPUs become faulty is overheating and cooling issues. Killing a GPU by exceeding its limit of compute power/memory limit is actually a myth. Insufficient cooling, or overclocking is probably the only reasonable way to kill a GPU because it generates excessive heat that the cooler can't keep up with. Besides GPUs, anything in the world would wear down by heat, just like how brake pads on a car wears out, throughout your years of driving it.

If anytime, the GPU's memory runs out, it gets dumped to your RAM, which while performance sucks, it doesn't harm anything.

But that shouldn't even bring your temps to insanely high temperatures, since the game wouldn't utilize 100% usage at all times.

But to put it to perspective, I bet you guys have tried running games that you know your computer doesn't even meet the specifications, either your CPU is too slow, not enough RAM, etc.

Running GTA V beyond your recommend memory limit is exactly the same as running games you know your computer wont handle.

And the result? You get 30 fps. But does anything "break"? I can bet you 100% nothing happens, unless your temps are insanely high.

I think people treat your parts too "gentle". Well I mean that's reasonable, but manufacturers built these things to last, unless you don't use it as it is intended to be used, then its a whole different story. Not saying you should be completely careless of what you do on it, but you shouldn't treat them like special snowflakes.