@RegalBentleyLover my friend. Don't donate just yet. or pledge yet. as i am occupied in the month of august with mods that i need to finish for my patrons and people you can see in my signature photo here below. i want to finish them first. but having said that i can work on it from 2nd september onwards.

and i know 50$ seems much. i'll rig it for you 35$ as a VIP mod that i will upload under my and your name together . and your name also in finance party. but however i can rig it for free if you can wait till october or mid october as at that time i might have more time at hand

i can't make it for free in august or september as i have other top priority paid mods.

Edit: you should also wait for @SkylineGTRFreak 's reply . may be he has a better deal to offer you. who knows if he has he might do it for free. provided you give him the model for it or if he happens to have it.