I think idea is good but you have to find first of all as @LeannaRed wrote, your place in the team. How you will support team, what you bring to them to hold them together and work like a team. For example first thing I was looking for in your post is webpage. you dont need to be neccessary modder, I got it, but you have to be neccessary indispensable part of team. You can for example make website, make discord channel, facebook page and take care of these sites to make sure the team have everything they need for their work and they can focus on their best which should be for example one on scripting next on models next on coding parts etc.

Dont take this as hate or any type of negativity, but take this as my advice from anyone who works with people in teams (a lot of times smarter and skilled people) and good luck to see new team at least half so good as YCA, would be usefull for any mods fans.

BTW: think also about @MegaDeveloper advice of the name as the copywriter I can say it is really, really important part