@troisdev why 27? The first step before you start troubleshooting individual mods is to see if you can play GTA5 unmodded for say 30 minutes without it crashing. If the only change to your system is windows 11 then it is clearly the first thing to investigate.

Also, is this a new computer which came with 11 pre-installed or did you upgrade yourself? The reason im asking is that in both cases, there will be windows updates, video card upgrades etc. This is particularly an issue with your own upgrade because your bios, chipset drivers, and a slew of other drivers may need to be updated.

As @WGotch07 wrote, this is new for all of us and things will get patched and updated, but start with a vanilla game to reduce the possibilities down significantly. Once it is stable you can start to remove mods or better still reinstall one by one. Could also be dotnet framework, scripts, and possibly Directx12, etc.